Flights of Fancy

Watercolor with Acrylic gold highlights

15 x 20


When I came up with the idea of painting a child floating off into the air with a flying fantasy creature, surprisingly the hard part of the project was finding a pig for a reference. Despite growing up on a farm, I had never spent time around a pig. While at the library looking through reference books the librarian asked me what I was working on. I explained the painting that I had in mind and she told me that I should check out her friends' pig sanctuary. Yes, you read that right, a pig sanctuary! 


Piglets, Wild boar, domestic hogs that came up to my hip. My little cousin and I spent an afternoon tromping through a field with more varieties of pigs than I had ever thought existed. In a shed on the side of a field, a giant pink hog was happy to pose as my fairytale flying pig when he wasn't nibbling on my boot. The result ended up being one of my favorite paintings. 

Flights of Fancy (ORIGINAL 1 of 1)