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Bethany Bartholomew
Murals & Portraits


Physical Galleries

and Locations


Nearby the home I grew up in Nelsonville, Ohio is the Starbrick Gallery.  This gallery sells a few of my original pieces as well as prints.  This gallery also houses other creative and masterful pieces by many other artists.

Private Residence

In the avenues of Salt Lake City, one of my favorite murals can be found on the outside of a garage door.  The resident who lives here doesn't mind respectful drive-by or walk-by views, but please respect their privacy.  

cropped final mural garage.jpg

Taylorsville, UT

Valvoline Building Mural

This is an example of a corporate advertising mural that I've done.  Not everything has to have fairy wings on it :)


This mural can be found facing the rental cabin at Homecoming Ranch.  For details on renting this cabin, please click here.

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