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Funeral Home Portraits

How To Partner With Us

As a local Utah artist, I have been approached several times by clients who wish to have a portrait of their loved one commissioned as a memorial for their families and friends who are left grieving. This service appears to help ease the grief and provide a lasting tribute that the family can treasure.

We know that when clients come to you, it's because they are experiencing a hard time in their lives.  We would like to offer our services in partnership with your own program of services as a means to help ease the pain for those left behind after a love one has passed on. 

We have attached on this page a Portfolio and Rate Sheet document that goes over my rates and options that you can use.  The rates listed are my cost.  You're welcome to upcharge at your discretion to ensure that you are rewarded in compensatory fashion for partnering with me.  

We offer:

  • 3 different sizes, each with their own turn around time

  • 2 different mediums, graphite and water color

  • Rush order service, at an additional fee

  • Basic custom requests.  

The details of my offerings can be found in the document below.  

I'd be happy to answer any questions, and talk by phone or meet in person.  Let me know how I can help add value to your funeral home program of options.

Click Below For Portfolio and Rate Sheet

Schedule an in-person or phone consultation

Thank you for your interest.  We value the chance to work with you.  We will reach out within 48 hours.