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Personalized and Custom Artwork

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When ordering a portrait with Bethany, you have many options. 

If you'd like, it can be a professional or family heirloom type of portrait with your face on a plain background. 

Or it could open up your personality, by placing you right in the midst of some fairy tale scene. 

Or it could be showing you in a specific location, somewhere special to you and your family.  

You could even order a non-standard portrait, with you included as a character in an illustration. 


Just give Bethany your idea, maybe some hints of your personality, a location, some thing you'd like to incorporate into it (Wizard of Oz, Fairy Tales, etc), and she will put together a composition that you and your loved ones will cherish.

reginald no background.png

When Bethany is done creating your mural, you will have a conversation piece, a peaceful getaway spot, and a work of art all in one.

For the home or office, this mural will enhance the quality of life for all those who encounter it. 


Whether it be a therapy patient in a psychologist office, an employee in the company break room, a child in her bedroom, or a mom or dad who wants to embed a feeling of peace and harmony into the walls of their home.  

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