Bethany Bartholomew
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About Bethany


Bethany is a past member of Starbrick Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio. Her work was highly valued by many of our customers, who were captivated by her unique ability to capture ethnicity and mood.  Her paintings always gave the impression of motion and action.  Even her reflective scenes made one think of what might have come before or after.  We all miss Bethany very much and wish the best for her.

 - James Shirey


Upcoming Exhibitions


Come see my work throughout

Black History month,

February 1st-28th at 

Urban Arts Gallery
116 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

About Bethany Bartholomew

Bethany Bartholomew was raised in rural Ohio, home schooled in a farm house.  She loves to think back on her days playing in the mud, running through the woods, playing inside and around an old hollowed out log, all while letting her mind be carried away in thoughts of fairies and trolls and goblins and good witches and bad witches.  

As the daughter of interracial parents, she has a love of cultural diversity.  She has a knack for depicting race and culture within her work.  She loves to include other ethnicities within her fairy tale pieces.


Growing up, there was a lack of little girls who looked like her in storybooks, so she has focused on including everyone in her paintings. 

She loves simple living, growing her own food, wearing vintage clothes, and shopping at Antique Malls and consignment stores, looking for just the right piece for her next art project, or for her studio.  She is an experienced baker, seamstress and homemaker.  

She recently was married and they live in Salt Lake City.  They have three dogs and a little rabbit named Peter.


She is currently impatiently awaiting for a new addition to be born this spring. 


She can be reached by email at